Game system

According to the number of registered teams. The prerequisite is that 16 teams will be registered in each category. They will be divided into four groups of 4 and the Round Robin Series system will be applied. All team advance to the play-off. The opponents are assigned based on the following key (A1-B4, A2-B3, A3-B2, A4-B1, C1-D4, C2-D3, C3-D2, C4-D1). The bronze medal game is played before the final match or at the same time as the final match but in another sports hall. Other placement matches are not played. 

Each team will play a minimum of 4 games and a maximum of 7 games. Teams dropped out in the first round of the play-off may also agree to play a friendly match with the organizing service and referees at predetermined times and at predetermined sports halls.